Peter and the Fish


A picture book for people from 0-100 years old. Told, drawn and painted by Anneke.

The book is about Peter and his fish friends. As they look for one of their homes, they learn about how to feel better and become a better fish/human. And where home really is. At the end of  the book there is an explanation of the pictures.

Read a section from Peter and the Fish here

Dit is Peter uit het prenteboek Peter en de Vis





                                            This is Peter.

                                            Peter loves fish and fishing.

Prentenboek Peter en de Vis. Peter vangt een vreemde vis.




           One fine day at the beach he catches a strange,       

           little fish. The little fish has a round body and a

           long, long nose. On his head he wears a little

           crown. ‘Why are you wearing that little crown?’,

           asks Peter.




Prentenboek Peter en de Vis. 'Kom maar,' zegt Peter 'ik zal je helpen'





                ‘I don’t know,’ cries the little fish. And I also

                lost my way,’ he cries louder. ‘Oh, hush come

                here,' says Peter 'I will help you.’






                Suddenly another little fish pops up from

                the deep sea. Joyfully he says 'Hello, I am

                Emanuel. But what is the matter with you?'

                Softly the grey little fish says 'I am Enos,'

                and I am unhappy and lost.'





                 'Come on,' says Emanuel 'Let's see what we can find.'

                 And the three of them dive into the sea.



                                         the way






                 On their way down they meet some big fish.

                 It looks like they're floating. Emanuel asks, 

                 'Have you maybe seen fish that look like him

                  around  here?' and he points at Enos, the

                  unhappy grey fish. 'Yeah sure, quite a lot.

                  They are that way,' answer the floating fish.

Will they meet other fish that look like Enos? And will that lead to Enos finding his home? If you would like to see how this story ends, you can pre-order the picture book in English below.